Getting The Most Out Of The Teacher Job Fair

I landed my first ever lead teacher job at a job fair in Portland, Oregon. I traveled a few hours, got a hotel room and was at the convention center bright and early on the first day of the job fair. Attending this job fair was a great choice for me because the world was my oyster and I was able to get a job before I even left the event. Here are a few tips I can offer for job searching at a job fair.

  • Plan Ahead:   Register ahead of time and get your resume uploaded if the website allows this. Registering ahead of time will allow you to maximize your time and not waste it waiting in line to pay and get admission into the event. A recruiter might reach out to you to set up an interview during the job fair if they are able to access your resume ahead of time.The fair website will tell you (most) of all the school districts participating in the job fair. Plan which districts you want to connect with before you go. Most likely you will be standing in line to drop off your resume at each district’s designated area (usually a few tables) and have a minute or two to talk to a representative for the district. Planning ahead will ensure you spend your time wisely at the job fair.

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Tips For Communicating With Your Supervising Teacher

Communicating with your supervising teacher…

When you start your practicum at the University, it is your first glimpse into the classroom. You may feel a combination of excitement and nerves as you start your journey in education. This classroom experience can teach you if education is something you want to pursue or if another career might be best for you. The practicum is also your first opportunity to forage your budding professional communications and working relationships with your supervising teacher. You will have the chance to learn, practice and hone your skills in proper, positive and professional communication. Here are a few tips as your start this unique relationship with your supervising teacher:

  • Ensure the supervising teacher has had time to sign your practicum contract (ED 209 only) which specifics the days and times you will be in her classroom. Ideally the time must work best for her and give her the maximum help and support from you.

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