SPED Support Strategies

Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention (PMII) for students with Autism

Please check out this video I created to describe the powerful evidence based practice called Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention.

4 FREE digital downloads for SPED Inclusion Supports

I wanted to share and showcase a few free resources that some of my wonderful college students created to promote SPED inclusion in their future classrooms. They have given permission to share these resources for free so teachers everywhere can have access to them!

Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Secondary Student

Autism and the secondary student As a teacher, have you ever noticed there is less information and supports for students with ASD in the secondary age group? Have you wondered what to look out for and how to support students with autism in your secondary class? Do you know why girls with autism present differently […]

Countdown visual for help with homework

This countdown visual is an example of how a visual can show the learner exactly how many items or tasks needs to be completed. Countdown visual supports can be used for any multi-step task. How to use Print in full color on card stock. laminate and use velcro to help the numbers stay down when […]

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