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Fine Motor Activity-Water Beads

Water Bead Transfer: Fine Motor Activity

Materials Needed:

  • Handy Scooper, spoons, large tweezers etc.
  • Multiple bins cups or containers for scooping
  • Water beads (follow directions on the bag)


Water Beads or “orbits” as I have heard them called are small, spherical, jelly-like beads which have endless uses in the early childhood classroom. I came across water beads when I was working with students with autism. I put the water beads into plastic bottles which I called “sensory bottles” for students to look at, shake, and watch as the beads move around in the bottle. Students marveled at the way the orbies danced around the plastic bottle. Continue reading

Library Day-Treasure Hunt

The story is about a young boy who visits a library and learns about all of the fun and unique things he can do at the library. This is a recent book from Anne Rockwell (2016) and Lizzy Rockwell the illustrator, embeds some of Anne’s older books in the illustrations. After reading Library Day by Anne Rockwell, visit your public library and complete the “treasure hunt” and see if you can find the following items/areas of your library. Continue reading

My ABC Book-Letter Identification

Ages: Preschool-Kindergarten

Materials Needed:

  • Spiral bound composition book with blank pages
  • Child size scissors
  • Magazines
  • Marker

Skills Addressed:

  • Initial Letter identification
  • Fine Motor Skills: Cutting & Gluing

A great way to start letter identification is by making this ABC book with your child or students. Spend time together looking through magazines or catalogs. When you see a picture that catches your eye, ask your child to identify the picture. Ask him or her “what letter does it start with?” Continue reading