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11 hacks for college success-for neurodiverse students

11 Hacks for college success Every term I teach introduction to teaching I have the class co-create a resource to give back to the field. This term we focused on creating a resource called hacking college success for neurodiverse students that we gave to a local high school and disability resources on our campus. Created […]

Promoting self-advocacy skills for students with autism

esteem. Having tools like visual supports and scripts (statements) available helps our children with autism learn how to self-advocate and eventually have it become part of their self-help skills.

My experience growing up with autism…tips of teachers.

Kaylea gave us some helpful isights about what school was like and growing up as an autistic woman. This is helpful for teachers and those who work with individuals on the autism spectrum.

Sensory Inclusive Zoo Experience at the Los Angeles Zoo

We share our experience using the KultureCity sensory inclusive experience at the LA ZOO.

Stimulate Early Learning & Learning Through Routines & Play 7 Proven Strategies

7 proven strategies to stimulate early learning and language through routines and play These strategies are helpful for kids with autism and any child who is needing support with language development and early learning. I created a parent resource and each of the 7 strategies comes with a quick video explaining how to implement. This […]

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