11 hacks for college success-for neurodiverse students

11 Hacks for college success

Every term I teach introduction to teaching I have the class co-create a resource to give back to the field. This term we focused on creating a resource called hacking college success for neurodiverse students that we gave to a local high school and disability resources on our campus.

Created by Southern Oregon University students in Introduction to teaching with facilitation and editing  from Sarah Razzano. 

Click here to get the free downloadable product

Printable pdf file

Hack 1: Setting Boundaries with Roommates

Hack 2: Getting into college

Hack 3: Living on your own and independence

Hack 4: Choosing a major

Hack 5: Balancing college and personal life

Hack 6: Use student resources

Hack 7: Self-Regulation strategies

Hack 8: Managing and setting up your home environment

Hack 9: Getting and managing a job outside of school

Hack 10: Advocating for yourself

Hack 11: Managing homework

We hope you enjoy the resource and thank you for being in inclusive educator!

11 hacks for college success-for neurodiverse students

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