Mini-figure LEGO behavior chart to promote positive behavior

I tried to find a mini-figure behavior chart to use with a student, but I had a hard time finding one so I decided to make one for him. I posted on my TPT

Mini-figure behavior chart is so much fun and totally unique. Great for LEGO lovers!

This video shows how to use it:

How to use…

Move your favorite mini-figure from the left hand side to the home and earn a pre-determined reward. Each time you catch your student/child making a good choice and following their contract rules they can move one space over to get closer and closer to the house. Great incentive for positive behavior support and to encourage great behavior. Nice for classroom behavior support.

Print both pages out and laminate. I put the contract rules on one side and the mini-figure chart on the other side and laminated it. Use a wet or dry erase maker to write out the contract rules. These are rules or behavior we would like to encourage such as raising their hand at circle time, walking feet in the hallway etc.

This product comes with both pages to print out but you will need to find your own (favorite) mini-figure and velcro to set it up.

Have fun and keep encouraging great behavior choices.

To learn more about positive reinforcers and additional ways to encourage positive behavior please check out this other post:

Thanks for being an inclusive educator!

Mini-figure LEGO behavior chart to promote positive behavior

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