My experience growing up with autism…tips of teachers.

"my experience growing up with autism"

What was school like for Kaylea?

Kaylea gave us some helpful isights about what school was like and growing up as an autistic woman. Many students like Kaylea unfortunately slip through the cracks, don’t get an early eligibility and do not get the support they need. I hear from many adults (many of my students at the university level) who learn they are on the autism spectrum as adults. They look back at the struggles they experienced and wish they had received accommodations and supports earlier.

Girls on the spectrum

Women and girls on the spectrum are often misdiagnosed and slip through the cracks growing up. They get very used to “masking” and their characteristics can come across as other challenges such as anxiety and depression due to years of not being able to be themselves around others and keeping the mask on.

Listen to autistic voices

One of my goals is to access and listen to people who have autism. As a teacher and autism specialist who is neuro -typical, it is vital to hear from people who are on the spectrum and can speak first hand to their lived experiences.

Please check out the short youtube video of Kaylea’s experience here…

My experience growing up with autism…tips of teachers.

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