Meet your practicum student

As a practicum student, you have the opportunity to be in schools and volunteer in a classroom full of children. When parents drop off and pick up their child, they may see you in and around the school.

Parents will want to know who is in their child's classroom working with their children.

Parents will want to know who is in their child’s classroom working with their children

I recommend creating an all about me page to share with your supervising teachers. They may choose to share this page with parents by posting it on the parent communication bulletin board or find another way to share it.

I have created a “Meet your practicum student” one page outline for you to use to print and use in your classroom. (see below)

What to Include: Here are some examples of what you can put on the all about me page…

  • A picture of yourself. Print out a picture and place it on the page so they can put a face with the name
  • All about me information: Include information such as which University you attend, and  your year (freshman, sophomore, junior etc.)
  • What days and times you will be in the classroom
  • What interests you about the grade level, education and/or the school
  • Your future goals
  • Something fun and unique about yourself such as a special talent. Do you know how to play an instrument, love to create art or speak a foreign language?
  • Where you grew up
  • Special interests or hobbies outside of class

Please print out the “Meet Your Practicum Student” and take a moment to fill it out. As your supervising teacher if you can share it with the parents in the classroom so they can get to know you.

Meet your Practicum Student…

Meet your Practicum Student...

I look forward to learning all about you and finding out some of the great qualities that make you unique and special!


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