Professional Dispositions For Pre-Service Teachers

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education defines professional dispositions as:

“The values, commitments, and professional ethics that influence behaviors toward students, families, colleagues, and communities and affect student learning, motivation, and development as well as the educator’s own professional growth…”

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I created this chart for my students to reflect on their strengths and goals in each area of professional dispositions:

The disposition categories include: Professional and ethical conduct, Individual and cultural sensitivity, work habits, effective communication, self-reflection, and collaboration.  The chart can be downloaded here: Professional Dispositions strengths and goals

Disposition Disposition Defined Strength Goal
Professional and Ethical Conduct


Consistently listens attentively;


-Understands and responds to feedback by making suggested changes;


-Is process/solution oriented


-Serves as a role model to others by modeling integrity and ethical conduct


-Respects colleagues


-Always is well-groomed and dresses professionally and appropriately


Individual and Cultural Sensitivity


-Always respects and values diversity;


-Appreciates and is open to other’s perspectives


-Models cultural sensitivity


-Resolves disputes with compassion empathy and patience


Work Habits


Is consistently and independently reliable


-Punctual, and follows through on commitments


-Exhibits exemplary organization and time management skills


Effective Communication


Communicates clearly (oral and written) in an open and respectful manner with students, peers, professionals, families, and supervisors


-Asks questions and seeks information appropriately and timely


-Carefully considers the communication context and makes appropriate adjustments.


-Written communication is always professional




Is insightful in examining on his/her cognitive, psychological, social/emotional, and professional characteristics and thinking how these characteristics impact others;


– Takes the initiative for personal and professional growth




Candidate initiates and participates in collaborative efforts with others;


-Participates in problem solving

-Shares responsibilities and is flexible in performing various roles

  1. Identity the disposition you are strongest in and why?
  2. Identify the disposition is a growth area for you…
  3. Write a measurable goal for yourself for this term for one disposition…


What is your strength and what is your goal?






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