Dogs For Better Lives-Autism Assistance Dogs

I went on a tour of Dogs For Better Lives which is located in Southern Oregon. We brought a bag of dog food as a donation.

We met a dog named Buzz who demonstrated a dog’s role and how they alert to sounds such as smoke detectors, door bells and knocks on the door for people who experience hearing loss.


Buzz, a dogs for better lives dog who demonstrates for people who tour the facility

Dogs For Better Lives place dogs all over the country for people who experience hearing loss and now they train dogs to help children with autism.

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This organization rescues dogs from shelters and also partners with Dogs For The Blind and trains the dogs to help people. If a dog washes out of the program, they become “career change dogs” and find a forever home.

The dog trainers are well-trained, very caring, and everyone at this facility treat the dogs with the utmost care and concern to prepare them for their new life of service.

I am so impressed how this organization has evolved over the years and has responded to the growing need for support in the area of autism by changing their name from Dogs For the Deaf to their current name Dogs For Better Lives! Here is their new logo!

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Autism Assistance Dogs: 

Autism Assistance Dogs are professionally trained to act as an anchor to reduce or slow a child’s ability to bolt, apply deep pressure, and to provide companionship dedicated solely to the child. Combined with their professional training, an Autism Assistance Dogs’ calm and caring behavior have shown to decrease anxiety, increase calmness, reduce emotional outbursts, and foster more manageable bedtime routines.

Here is a link to their website Dogs For Better Lives

The website has some wonderful videos which detail more of what they do: Dogs For Better Lives Videos 

Find them on twitter @dogsbetterlives


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