Summer Re-Charge For New Teachers

It’s finally summer break and now it is time to turn the attention back to ourselves as teachers. Summer break is a time to rest, recuperate and re-charge our batteries.  If you just graduated, and will have your first teaching job in the fall, the summer is also a good time to prepare and start getting to know your teaching team.

Physically write down your goals and intentions. Huffington Post has an article that backs up the importance of writing down goals.

Check out the article here: The Power of Writing Down Your Goals and Dreams

“You become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.”

I created a downloadable summer re-charge worksheet to write down your summer intentions so you can balance self-care, preperation and summer learning to get you started in your summer re-charge. 

Summer intentions pdf

You can download and print the summer re-charge worksheet here:  Summer Re-Charge worksheet

Four Areas to focus on and create intentions for the summer to help new teachers re-charge :

  • Physical Wellness Re-Charge Intentions
  • Workout at the gym, go for a walk or hike, find an accountability partner to get fit
  • Eat well, drink water and take the time to make meals that nourish you
  • Sleep in!!! Take a nap during the middle of the day when you would normally be teaching.


  • Emotional/Mental Heath Wellness Goals
  • Re-connect with friends who you have not had a chance to see during the end of the busy school year
  • Start or continue to practice a mindful practice, meditate
  • journal: take time to reflect on the school year.
  • Have fun! Do the things that make you happy


  • New Things I want To Learn/Continuing Education Goals
  • As teachers we are always continuing our learning-take an online class or webinar
  • Is there a personal interest that interests you? Summer is a great time to learn it.


  • Preparations For Fall Intentions 
  • If you just graduated, now is a great time to prepare for the fall. Meet your team, get a look at your classroom and write down what you need to do to prepare.

Print out the summer re-charge worksheet and post it somewhere where you can see it often and check off items as you get through the summer. What are some of your summer re-charge intentions? Share in the comments.



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