5 Things To-Do Before Student Teaching Is Done

When May comes around, you are almost done student teaching…

Here are a few things to consider before the school year ends:

  1. Take pictures: Before everything in the classroom is packed up and put into boxes, take pictures of your classroom and classrooms at your school that you like. Take pictures of bulletin boards and how they should look. Take pictures of word, walls, classroom job charts, and any other parts of the classroom decorations or organization you would want to re-duplicate.pexels-photo-1002635.jpeg
  2. Get Digital Copies: Make sure to get digital copies of anything your mentor teacher used in the classroom that you could use in your future classroom. Newsletters, progress monitoring sheets, blank data sheets, substitute teacher folder information are examples of forms you can get copies of before the school year wraps up.pexels-photo-990819.jpeg
  3. Get Letters of Reference: If you have not done so already, make sure to leave with letters of recommendation from the mentor teachers and administrators you worked with. Ideally the letter is on the school letterhead and signed. Make sure to give 2-3 weeks notice when requesting a letter of reference. pexels-photo-356331.jpeg
  4. Give Thanks: Write thank you notes for your mentor teacher, grade level team, parent volunteers, front desk staff and anyone else who helped you during your journey. The Power Of The Thank-You Note Check with your mentor teacher about farewell gifts to students. Some teachers will send students off on the last week of school with a small gift.
  5. Celebrate: Take time to recognize the accomplishments you and your students have made this year. You have worked so hard and have a whole school year to reflect upon. You have so much to be proud of!pexels-photo-949592.jpeg


And Enjoy that Summer break! 

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