Get Ready Bin-Providing Structure For The Morning Routine

Get ready bin: Home based intervention support (autism)

What is the get ready bin? A strategy to provide support for young children to get ready in the morning before school.

Who can benefit from the get ready bin?

Children with autism who respond well to visual supports and structure and neuro-typical children who struggle to get ready in the morning before school.

Children who live in two different homes due to separation or divorce.

Supplies needed:

  • A bin from the dollar store or a bin large enough to put your child’s full outfit for school.


  • Dot Velcro (see link) and print out the words Today is…. and will pick me up…



  • Days of the week -You can make your own Mon-Friday (Saturday and Sunday optional) Teachers Pay Teachers website has a great and FREE printable days of the week. (See link).


  • People in your family Pictures: You can use words or real pictures if you want but Teachers Pay Teachers has this FREE printable. (see link)IMG_9774

  • Laminator or contact paper to laminate the visuals.

Routine/Procedure: Before bedtime, put the clothing in the bin and set the images to reflect the day of the week and who will pick the child up from school.

Why this visual support and routines are helpful?

All children, especially those with autism or who have multiple homes thrive on routine. Visuals of what day it is and who will pick the child up provide more support and information about the day. Having the clothes laying out ahead of time diminishes the chance of a power struggle surrounding picking out clothes. The night before when things are calm and nobody is in a rush, an outfit can be chosen by both you and the child.

During the morning routine when it is time to get dressed, give the verbal cue to “go get your get ready bin”. Spend some time reviewing the day of the week and who will pick up the child from school. All of the clothes are ready and waiting to be put on.

Although my son does a great job getting ready in the morning, I often hear from parents that this part of the morning routine can be a challenge. I hope this strategy helps and please leave comments with your thoughts.




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