Create A Student Teacher Resume That Stands Out

pexels-photo-590016.jpegBeginning teachers may not have as much teaching work experience to put on their resume but job recruiters often like the enthusiasm and eagerness of a pre-service teacher. Here are a few tips to enhance your teacher resume. Have a few people look it over and stay open to their feedback.

  • Keep the resume one page in length if possible.
  • Unique resume templates can be found on google docs and teachers pay teachers.  Many of these templates are free.

  • Play around with a few different designs to see which looks professional. Over the years you will end up with many different variations of your resume so start experimenting now. Show your friends and supervisors and see what they think.
  • Keep a professional look and avoid picture backgrounds or cartoon icons. You do not need a headshot on your resume.
  • Below your name put your contact information. You do not need to put your physical address but make sure to put your email address and phone number. Also include a website, e-portfolio or blog you have created.
  • Having an objective will make it quick and easy for recruiters to know what you want. Put the objective near the top of the resume where job recruiters can easily see what you are wanting to teach. Remember recruiters are hiring ALL positions in the school including counselors, teaching assistants, etc. so be specific so they know within a few seconds of looking at your resume you are wanting a special education teaching job, general education teaching job etc.
  • Put your education and teaching license at the top of the resume. If you have not yet graduated and earned the license, put the projected date. What grade levels will you be licensed to teach? What will you be Highly Qualified (HQ) in?
  • I suggest putting some skills related to what you know how to do within teaching. If you are a special education teacher for example, you might put IEP development, Picture Exchange Communication Systems(PECS), Structured work systems etc. What assessments do you know how to use? What curriculums have you used? Do you speak another language or have any other skills that make you stand out?
  • Put Software or technology and other 21st century skills you know how to use within the classroom (board maker, SMART board etc.)
  • Detail the grades and classrooms you are student-teaching in.
  • Practicum experiences can be inlcuded as well. For SOU you can include that you have completed 5 unique classrooms settings including ELL, Primary, Secondary, Special Education/Resource and Preschool for 25 hours in each setting.
  • Post relevent jobs and under each job give a one to two sentence description of what the job entailed. focus on strong describing words such as: Accomplished, Achieved Adopted, Collaborated, Concentrated, Contributed, Cultivated, Delivered Demonstrated, Designed,Developed, Elicited et.
  • Some jobs outside of education can be included. When describing the job, focus on the skills in the job that can translate into education. For example, if you were a shift supervisor for a retail store, you can highlight that you supervised staff, and reached store daily financial and productivity goals etc.

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  • When possible, give specific examples of how you have improved student learning or anything else you claim on your resume: For example: helped improve student math scores by 30% during fall term as determined by ____ assessment.
  • At the end of the resume put “references upon request”
  • On a separate paper write out the name and contact information for the reference. Make sure you ask which phone number and email address they are willing to have you share.
  • Make sure any reference you provide have been asked beforehand if they are willing and able to provide a strong and positive reference for you. Anyone who has written you a letter of recommendation needs to get a hand written thank you note from you! The Power Of A Thank-You Note

Have you started your resume? Creating your resume is the first step in landing your dream job in teaching. Good luck and have fun!


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