Morning Greetings: Meet and Greet Students At The Door

A free and easy way to start building relationships with students is by meeting and greeting them at the classroom door every morning. Head Start has foverever had this as a policy so they can do health checks and check in with the student emotionally before school starts. Here are some reasons every teacher should meet and greet students every morning:


  • This morning greeting gives a chance for one-on-one interaction every day.
  • If a child shows up sick, a teacher can catch this right away.
  • Students are more likely to start their day feeling “present” when they have had a chance to check-in with their teacher first thing in the morning.
  • It is safe to know which students are at school and which students have not shown up before starting your day.
  • Any trauma, or other issues the student may have experienced at home can be “heard” by the teacher first thing in the morning.
  • Students are more likely to show up to school knowing their teacher is “waiting” for them and wants to see them.

This is one of my favorite videos showing a teacher greeting all of his students with a unique and individualized greeting.


How do you greet your students every morning?



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