Why I love My Time Timer for Visual Support

A Time Timer is a wonderful visual supports for students with autism, ADHD and other developmental disabilities AND typically developing students. WHY?

-Most students have a hard time understanding the passing of time. Time Timers make the passage of time visual so students can see the time going away slowly

-Visual Timers can be used for the whole class or individually

-Students with autism typically respond well to visual cues and visual cues are a less intrusive prompts compared to verbal cues. Students can be taught to wait until the red disc is gone for task completion and not rely on a verbal cue from a teacher to transition to another activity.

-Timers with loud or intrusive beeping sounds may not be appropriate for students with sound sensitivities. The Time timer has a quiet beep which can be turned off.

-Time Timers help students stay on task and give a visual representation of how much time is left. Students can be confused by countdown clocks and timers.

-I use this timer with my son for his rest time. We determine how long his rest time is and set the red timer. When all the red is gone he can come out of his rest time. Before we used the Time Timer he often asked “how much time do I have left?” Now he can self-monitor how much time he has left.

-I use this visual timer when I teach my college class for short 50 minute classes. The visual timer helps me with pacing for a short class period and allows me to not continually look at the clock or may cell phone for the time.

-All ages of students (including college students) like seeing how much longer they have in class.

-Sometimes I will use the timer for group work or student presentations to help keep track of time.

  • I love my Time Timer and I know you will too!




2 thoughts on “Why I love My Time Timer for Visual Support

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