Penny Token Board For Students with Autism

TOKEN BOARDS: Individual Token Economy System


Penny Board

– Token boards are commonly used for students with autism or students who require more “extrinsic motivation” to complete tasks.

– Students who don’t respond to whole group/whole class reinforcer systems and benefit from individualized reinforcement.

– Students who have moved from 1:1 reinforcement schedule and are able to delay getting a reinforcer.

– Students who benefit from a portable reinforcer system that can be used in all settings of the school.

How it works in the classroom:

– Do a reinforce assessment and find out what is motivating for the student. Use pictures or words, depending on the student’s ability to represent the item or activity they are working for. Some examples of reinforcers are tangibles such as a toy, book or snack, or experiences such as time on the computer or extra recess.

– Keep motivators “strong” by not allowing students access to reinforcers unless they earn them. Continually assess reinforcers to make sure students are truly motivated by them.

– Focus on a target behavior (hands to self, on task behavior) and give students a token when you observe the target behavior.

– Make sure students see you put the token on and link the verbal praise “good hands to self” with getting the token.

– When all five tokens are earned, the student gets the reinforcer.

– At first you may need to put all but one penny on and allow the student to earn the reinforcer quickly to buy in to the system.

-Don’t ever take tokens away. Once they are earned they can’t be taken away.

Here is a youtube video with more details on token boards:



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