Sensory Table Idea-Birdseed and Birds

Age Group: Preschool

Thematic Unit: Spring, Planting, Birds, butterflies


  • Students will use scoopers or cups with grading and control to move birdseed from one container, or spoon, to another.
  • Learn the names of different types of birds and flowers.
  •  For students with autism or other sensory issues, the sensory table is a way to gently desensitize students to this sensory experience.
  •  Allow students to use their hands to explore the material along with the implements provided.


Large Sensory tub or bin

1-2 large bags of birdseed

multitude of plastic containers and implements including measuring spoons and cups

pretend birds, butterflies and flowers-All of these items can be changed out to introduce students to new birds, flowers insects etc.

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