My ABC Book-Letter Identification

Ages: Preschool-Kindergarten

Materials Needed:

  • Spiral bound composition book with blank pages
  • Child size scissors
  • Magazines
  • Marker

Skills Addressed:

  • Initial Letter identification
  • Fine Motor Skills: Cutting & Gluing

A great way to start letter identification is by making this ABC book with your child or students. Spend time together looking through magazines or catalogs. When you see a picture that catches your eye, ask your child to identify the picture. Ask him or her “what letter does it start with?” This activity is not a drill and does not need to be a set of questions. Using joint attention, read through magazines and find pictures your student likes. This activity introduces the idea of initial letters and letter sounds in a gentle and fun way. Sound out the word slowly and ask your child to think about what letter the word starts with.

On the spiral bound composition book, put an uppercase letter on the left page and a lower case letter on the right hand page so there is enough room to paste a few images. If you want to practice cutting, then use a marker to create a square around the picture. Allow your child to cut the lines with children’s sized scissors and help them as needed. Gluing or taping can be incorporated into this activity for the added fine motor practice.

This is a great activity to pick and do a page a day or when you need a project for those indoor rainy days. Before you know it, the pages will start to get filled and your child will take pride in making their own ABC book which they can “read” by themselves.

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